Wet Meadow

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_23

At the start of June I vowed to explore new places, including reserves but also footpaths & areas that I’d passed countless times. Buckland Rings in Lymington is one such place, I’ve driven past this Iron Age Hill Fort Site thousands of times, Max was even born a few hundred yards up the road! We headed out in the rain with the forecast promising some evening sunshine.

All the grazing stock had been removed from the site, so the meadow was up to waist height. We had a walk along the perimeter of the field, taking a closer look at the hedgerow (realising how beautiful the humble nettle is) & gazing up at the Barrow trying to picture the fort that once stood aloft.



Once we got to the peak of the mount there was only one thing to do as the sun started to burn through the cloud. Roll down the hill! Max and then my turn! Needless to say we were both soaked to the skin.

Max confidently confirmed that this was his favourite 30DaysWild activity so far, we’ll definitely return in drier conditions and explore the neighboring barrow too.


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