Last Day!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_30

30 Days Wild has come to an end, a month packed with random acts of wilderness. We’ve carried out acts in 4 counties, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon & Sussex. We’ve visited reserves & sites superbly managed by Dorset, Devon, & Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust, the RSPB and National Trust. I’ve enjoyed the beauty of my daily commute through one of our National Parks, grabbed 10 minutes away from my desk & appreciated sitting under a tree. I asked Max what his highlights were, he replied rock pooling, rolling in the wet grass, den building & getting blasted by the wind.

Being wild hasn’t been a challenge really, we’re very lucky to live in the New forest & very close to the coast, but writing about it every daily has been harder than I imagined. Next year I’d probably blog every 3 to 5 days.

Day 30, a muddy walk around the reedbeds at Lymington Undershore


Now the question is will be #Staywild ? will our lives be #365DaysWild ?? Well most likely nature & the outdoors will continue to be an important part of out day. Today, July the 1st, I still managed to buy birdseed & top up feeders, survey for reptiles for ARC Trust, walk a few miles on the beach & collect loads of litter as part of a  2minutebeachclean.


Thanks to everyone who read, liked, retweeted during June, and massive thanks to the 30DaysWild Team at the Wildlife Trusts!


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